…and someone called me retarded for donating my kidney…

I just saw an article where a 3 yr old intellectually impaired girl was denied a kidney transplant for her failing kidneys because she is intellectually impaired… do you guys think it’s right or wrong to do deny her a kidney because she intellectually impaired?

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  1. evanringuette answered: More than half the fucking population is intellectually impaired. Give her a fucking kidney.
  2. mistahxkai626 answered: If a person is giving up their kidney for a good cause there is no wrong in it
  3. femmeshepard answered: It’s absolutely disgustingly wrong. Her mental capabilities do not diminish her right to live.
  4. beattape answered: what human can deny a better quality of life on the grounds that she’s intellectually impaired? Some people need to be lined up and shot.
  5. nickasfuckingfuck answered: Wrong… Obviously.
  6. slutssell answered: wrong.
  7. sassiestpizza answered: i think that is disturbing to think that her disability makes a difference
  8. sethandurzz answered: WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.
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    Wow. I can’t even begin to comprehend what kind of hospital they’re running.
  10. serineri answered: no shes still a human being. that is completely discriminating that they would do that
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